6 Grocery Store Staples for the Busy College Student


College students are busy. But even the busiest college student has to eat. When deciding what kitchen staples to buy for your college apartment, the healthier you can be, the better. But we know college, and we know that’s not going to happen. If you’ve got nothing else in your beer fridge, make sure to stock up on these six staples.

  1. Ramen

    Obviously. Although you’d be better off not eating freeze-dried processed foods, let’s be real. You’re in college. You’re going to eat Ramen. It’s cheap, it’s quick, and it’s easy. It’s also packed with sodium. Try to enjoy it with a glass of water.

  2. Sriracha

    It’s the little hot sauce that could. It’s trendy, delicious, and packs a punch. Sriracha goes on everything. It can make a bland sandwich taste great, spice up a soup, or (pro tip) it tastes good on Ramen.

  3. Energy Drinks

    Red Bull, Monster, RockStar, or good ol’ soda. Whatever your poison (and they are poison), all college students are bound to need an artificial pick me up for a long day. Coffee and tea are also fine sources of caffeine, and that’s a substance you’ll definitely see in any college kid’s kitchen.

  4. Peanut Butter and Jelly

    Also, bread. Lunch meat. Chips. In a college student’s kitchen, you’re bound to find the types of things fourth graders take to school in their lunchkits. You can’t expect a college student to eat like an adult, and you certainly can’t expect them to cook like one.

  5. Alcohol

    Beer for the boys, Boone’s Farm for the girls. Most college kids will make at least one beer run per week. Related purchases include: red Solo cups, ping pong balls, and university-themed koozies. Hey — it’s five o’clock somewhere.

  6. Mustard

    Awkwardly, a 75% full bottle of mustard with crust around the edges is a staple of almost any college fridge. You might not ever use it — in fact, you probably won’t. But you wouldn’t be a college student without it. It’s as American as apple pie.

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