10 Essential Online Learning Web Tools

Easily accessible web tools are great for students as well as anyone who is interested in learning. From help with math homework to learning to play an instrument or speak a new language, there are great educational tools right at your fingertips. This list provides 10 of the essentials, most of them offered at no cost to you. Find help with website hosting, photography, vocabulary and more.

  • Google Code University: Software development and the survival and success of websites are not possible without properly infused code. This code is essential in programming. Google Code University offers incredible tutorial to learn and perfecting programming code.

  • The Personal MBA: This site provides business tips, books, advice, and more that can help teach you how to run a business successfully, as well as tips on e-learning enterprises.

  • Ubuntu Guide: Ubuntu offers e-learning for those interested in learning the nuances of website hosting. Find great tips about Linux as well as different operating systems designed to handle various servers.

  • Learn10: Learn10 is a great website if you’re interested in learning a new language. It has a very natural teaching style and offers quicks lessons and reviews that help you learn while maintaining a busy schedule.

  • Foldit: Foldit is a computer game that lets you contribute to scientific research. This site includes games, publications, articles, and news about science.

  • Academic Earth: Academic Earth provides a large number of lectures and courses in numerous subjects. They also offer educational lessons through YouTube videos.

  • Digital Photography School: If you’re interested in photography but don’t have the time or money to take classes, this site is an excellent tool. They offer online lessons and tutorials to help you learn the tricks of the trade.

  • Mathway: Math Problem Solver: Mathway is an excellent online resource for math tutoring and help. This site provides lessons on basic math, pre-algebra, trigonometry, precalculus, calculus, and statistics.

  • Ricci Adams’ musictheory.net: This site offers online tools, lessons, and exercises to help you learn the fundamentals of music. They provide education videos, audio lessons, and even an app for your smart phone.

  • VerbaLearn: VerbaLearn takes flashcards to a whole new level. This site offers quizzes, lessons, review, puzzles, flashcards, and videos to help you improve your vocabulary.
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