7 Reasons You Should Go to Summer School

Attention, slackers, overachievers, and vampires! Did you fail all your classes this semester? Are you looking to add a third major or second minor? Do you want to avoid the trolls from high school that still live in your home town? It’s not always the easiest choice to forgo your summer vacation to take a bunch of college classes, but there could be some marked benefits if you do. Check out these seven reasons you should probably consider summer school.

  1. You Flunked All Your Classes

    If you forgot the part about bringing your brain back from Spring Break, you probably didn’t do so hot in Calculus this semester. If you need to boost your GPA, taking a few extra classes in the summer can prove a crucial step in getting you back on track. And be sure not to slack in the summer as you did in spring — summer school classes are faster paced and require attendance almost every day.

  2. Because House Got Canceled

    Note: This also goes for fans of One Tree Hill.
    Another Note: Are there any fans of One Tree Hill?After eight great seasons, the doctor is now out. If your favorite show just ended and it won’t be coming back, now’s a great time to turn off the boob tube and knock out a couple of credits so that you can show your parents/scholarship board that you’re actually doing something with your life. Immersion in your studies is a great way to deal with the pain of losing some of your favorite TV friends, and the rag-tag set of summer school kids might provide more entertainment than the ones you know on-screen. (OK, probably not. But you’ve got a DVR for a reason. Get yourself to class.)

  3. You’re the Best Student Ever

    Are you that freak with the 15 majors? Do you want to take Tai Chi while also studying International Diplomacy and taking Advanced String Theory? Wow, you are so smart and special. If you want to get ahead in school (and in life), studying while others play is a great way to do it. If you’re interested in interning, graduating early, or just want some extra credits, getting ahead is a great way to spend your summer vacation, you plucky little overachiever, you.

  4. You Hate Sunshine and Vacation

    If you’re a mouth-breathing misanthrope that plays on the Internet at all hours instead of making IRL friends, summer school might be exactly your bag. If course workload isn’t your issue, but social awkwardness (or the lack of a beach bod) is, go ahead and get those extra courses out of the way. You get to be inside, and you don’t have to wear a swimsuit. You don’t even have to smile about it, because you’ll be in summer school! What could be better for the continually grumpy vampire? Note: If you’re an actual vampire, summer school is definitely your best bet. No one wants your searing flesh harshing on their beach party, dude.

  5. You Want to Travel

    College is a perfect time to experience the world, more perfect still if you’re on someone else’s dime. If you want to travel, but you’re not sure where to go, try to make a summer-long learning experience of it! Many college kids have enjoyed their times abroad, and you’ll get to work and play in a completely new, international environment. Bonus: You avoid going home, staying put, and you’ll have some great stories to tell if you do it right.

  6. Because It’s Cheaper

    If you go to an expensive private college, the smarter students will take easily transferable summer courses at more reasonably priced universities. And if certain classes are notoriously hard at your expensive private school, you could easily knock them out over the summer at a different place. While you may not be getting a tan, you could be saving some money and more than a little stress.

  7. You Don’t Want to Get a Job

    If you don’t want to work through your summers, party study through it. If you’re not the type that wants to spend your sun-filled days gloriously lifeguarding or breaking your back interning, it’s OK to buckle down and get ahead in school. Beware of this, though: if you’re successful in summer school, it’s likely you’ll have a more demanding career in the future!

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