7 Things You Should Always Carry in Your Backpack


Students carry their lives on their backs. Everything that goes in your trusty backpack has a special purpose, but there’s still a chance that you’re forgetting some very important items. Sure, you’ve got all your textbooks and a handful of No. 2 pencils, but what about a stash of emergency cash or an umbrella for an unexpected storm? Don’t just carry the school basics; come prepared with these seven must-have items in your backpack.

  1. Cash:

    It’s a good idea to carry a little cash in your backpack in case you need to take a taxi to campus or buy a last minute Scantron before an exam. But make sure you only carry small bills in your backpack and reserve the cash for emergency situations only.

  2. Phone charger:

    You don’t want to end up on campus with a dead phone, especially if you’re meeting a study buddy or walking back home in the dark. Keep your cell phone fully charged by carrying an emergency phone charger in your backpack.

  3. Ear plugs:

    If you prefer to study in silence but cannot block out the conversations happening around you, then you’ll want to have a pair of ear plugs handy. Ear plugs are also useful when you need to take a power nap between classes or just need to sit in complete silence.

  4. First-aid kit:

    You just never know when you’re going to get a massive paper cut or a blister from walking in your new shoes on campus. If you’re carrying a first-aid kit in your backpack, this is a quick and easy fix. Your first-aid kit doesn’t need much; just a handful of bandages, antiseptic cleansing wipes, antibiotic ointment, gauze, and some aspirin.

  5. Umbrella:

    Nothing is worse than getting rained on and having to sit in a frigid lecture hall while wet and soggy. Don’t depend on the weather report to get it right; just pack a compact umbrella in your backpack and you’ll be prepared when the rain hits or the sun is too hot to bear.

  6. Energy bar:

    Don’t let a rumbling tummy distract you in class. Come prepared when hunger strikes with a high-protein energy bar. Just throw a few bars in your bag and eat them on the go for an cheap and effective energy boost.

  7. Disposable camera:

    If you don’t have a camera phone or even if you do, it’s not a bad idea to carry a disposable camera in your backpack in case you need to take spur-of-the-moment pictures. If you need some inspiration for an upcoming art project or just want to capture the sights of your campus, a disposable camera is a cheap, light, and easy way to document what you see.

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