6 Pieces of Fatherly Advice College Students Should Really Follow


Fathers are full of wise advice that we sometimes follow, and almost always wish we would have followed later on. Like most college students, you’ve probably spent much of your adolescent years ignoring Dad’s warnings and rolling your eyes every time he starts a story with “back in my day.” Had you been listening, you might have avoided some serious heartache and headaches. This Father’s Day, why not give him the surprise of a lifetime — for once, actually follow his advice? Face it: Dad knows best, and if you’re smart you’ll follow these six pieces of fatherly advice that will help guide you through the best four years of your life.

  1. Follow your heart:

    Fathers want their kids to be happy. Sure, they may not always approve of your area of study or choice of partner, but no matter the reason for their opposition, they want to see you happy. When it comes to choosing a major and making career decisions, Dad would advise you to follow your heart and do what you love. If you’re going to follow your dad’s advice about following your heart, make sure you have a plan. For example, if you’re going to switch your major for the third time, have a plan ready before talking to your dad and be prepared to answer his questions.

  2. Go to class:

    It’s such a simple demand, yet so many college students don’t follow their fathers’ advice to go to class. Being a student should be your top priority, so if you’re not going to class then you’re not holding up your end of the bargain. Don’t let laziness get in the way of going to class and earning good grades, especially if Dad is paying for your college education.

  3. Be safe:

    Although they may not always show it, dads worry about their college kids just as much, if not more, than moms. Stressing safety is probably nothing out of the ordinary for daughters of worried fathers, but this advice is also directed at college-age boys. Being safe doesn’t mean just wearing a seat belt and locking your doors; Dad’s advice also means don’t drink and drive, and don’t get in a car with someone who has been drinking. Don’t take rides or drinks from strangers, and don’t go out to unfamiliar places alone or late at night. The list goes on and on. Be safe and smart — for Dad.

  4. Don’t fall behind:

    College may be the best four years of your life, but they can also be a big waste of time and money if you fall behind in school. Heed the advice of your old man and don’t fall behind in college. Go to class, keep up with your reading assignments, take good notes, and you’ll be OK. When you’re trying to decide whether to skip class to sleep in or go out the night before an exam, hopefully you’ll remember your father’s wise words and do the right thing.

  5. Study hard:

    When dad says “study hard,” he doesn’t mean study for 30 minutes and then go play video games, but rather do more than you are asked. You don’t necessarily have to pull an all-nighter or put your social life on hold, but you should make an honest effort. If you know in your heart that you worked hard and gave it your all, then your dad will notice and appreciate your dedication to school.

  6. Go to the library:

    You’re smart to heed Dad’s advice to go to the library to do your school work. College libraries are designed to meet your needs and help you succeed in school. No matter what any of your friends say, the library is the only place you can actually study. Here, you can escape dozens of distractions and study in a nice, quiet setting. After all, you and/or your dad’s money goes toward the college library, so you’d better get some use out of it.

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