Top 50 Blogs on Distance Learning & Online Education

Online learning is becoming more and more popular. This is because technology has made it possible to get an education from the comfort of your home, using your computer. There are even online universities that can help you become an expert in your field, getting a degree along the way. If you are a motivated learner, interested in going at your own pace, and learning on your schedule, here are 50 blogs that can help you learn more about distance learning and online education:

General E-Learning

These e-learning blogs are meant to help you get tips for effective study, as well as hints for improving yourself as a distance learning student.

  1. The Rapid eLearning Blog: Get a handle on learning online, with tools and tips for real-world distance education.
  2. Clive on Learning: Exercises and insights to help you increase your ability to learn using technology.
  3. E-Learning Queen: This blog is devoted to distance learning and online education, and can help you with resources for learning at a distance.
  4. 21st Century Teaching and Learning: Find out more about how technology makes online education possible, and find resources to help you enhance your distance learning experience.
  5. elearnspace: Get a handle on online education with help from this great blog full of tools and resources.
  6. OL Daily: Stephen Downes offers insights on distance learning and education, as well as tools, tips and technology helps.
  7. Open Culture: Great education media for those looking for interesting ways to learn online.
  8. Internet Time Blog: Online education and using the Internet as an educational tool and resource.
  9. Moving at the Speed of Creativity: Offers helpful insights on distance learning, as well as tools and resources.

Education Sharing Technology

One of the most important aspects of distance learning is the technology used. Enhance your online education with these sharing technology sites.

  1. Assistive Technology: Learn how to use technology to enhance online education and distance learning.
  2. TipLine – Gates’ Computer Tips: Learn how to use the computer more effectively in your distance learning efforts.
  3. Learning with ‘e’s: This site is designed to show you how to engage in distance learning using sharing technology.
  4. Ed Galaxy: Resources, news and insights on how technology can result in online education.
  5. Adobe in Technical Communication and eLearning: This blog helps you learn how to utilize Adobe for use in education and sharing technology.
  6. Blackboard Blogs: The distance learning sharing platform, Blackboard, offers access to different insights on using Blackboard for online education.
  7. TeacherTECH: Get the sharing technology tools you need for online education and distance learning.
  8. EmergingEdTech: A look at the technologies that make elearning more accessible.

Technology and Online Education

Helpful look at using technology for online education, and explore the importance of technology for distance learning.

  1. Weblogg-ed: Looks at how blogs can be used to enhance online education.
  2. Derek’s Blog: Shares insight into education, and how technology can enhance distance learning.
  3. Discovery Through eLearning: How distance learning can help you discover new worlds of education.
  4. The Thinking Stick: Helpful information on using the Internet for distance learning and education.
  5. Technology Tidbits: This “Cyber Hero” takes you though different ways that technology can be used in education.
  6. Infomancy: Using the Internet to find information, and use it for better education efforts.
  7. Techlearning Blog: All about technology and distance learning, this blog offers insights into online education.
  8. Ed-Tech Insider: Helpful technology aimed at education and online learning.

Online Tools for Distance Learning

Find specific tools that can help you with online education. A number of resources for those involved in learning on their own.

  1. Jane’s Pick of the Day: This elearning blog is all about providing you with suggestions and tools for online education.
  2. Box of Tricks: Tech tools for distance learning, and helpful hints for utilizing technology in online education.
  3. Bionic Teaching: Different tools, and how to use them. Get more out of an online education.
  4. Ozge Karaoglu’s Blog: Tools and resources for online learning and education.
  5. Langwitches Blog: If you are interested in tools for distance learning, and helpful hints, this blog offers a number of good insights and resources.
  6. ‘absolutely intercultural!’: Offers podcasts and interesting resources for distance learning and more.
  7. The Edublogger: Learn about online education and get the inside scoop on tools and tricks for 2.0 technology and learning.
  8. Leigh Blackall: Great tools, learning ideas and more to help enhance your online education.
  9. Full Circle Associates: Learn to connect with others, and find resources for better distance learning.

Learning Theory

Sometimes it can help to understand how you learn. Knowing learning theory can help you find ways to process information in a way that makes sense for you, enhancing and personalizing your education.

  1. Learnlets: Looks at innovations in learning, and helpful information on different styles of learning.
  2. Around the Corner: Get ideas about online learning, collaboration, and your personal learning style.
  3. Random Walk in Learning: Interesting observations on learning, especially science subjects.
  4. McGee’s Musings: Thoughts on learning, how we learn, and how technology impacts learning.
  5. 2 Cents Worth: A look at the current technology landscape, and how it affects online education and individual learning.
  6. abject learning: An interesting look at different issues in society, and how they affect the world of education.
  7. Learning Curves: Recognizes that there are different learning styles, and offers insights that can help you learn more effectively.
  8. Experiencing E-Learning: Helpful blog about online education, and different ways to experience distance education through elearning.

Resources for Online Teachers

Sometimes teachers need a little help finding the resources they need to teach effectively online. These distance learning blogs for teachers can also help students.

  1. Kathy Schrock’s Kaffeeklatsch: Interesting resources, tips and hints for online educators.
  2. Educational Origami: Great site on distance learning and resources for teachers.
  3. Artichoke: An interesting look at teaching online, and distance learning.
  4. Angela Maiers: Resources for teachers who want to help their distance learning students succeed.
  5. Cool Cat Teacher Blog: Helpful hints for teaching, especial for online educators.
  6. A Difference: A great blog for online teachers, with a focus on technology and maths learning.
  7. Stop Trying to Inspire Me: An interesting and irreverent blog about teaching — online and off.
  8. Infocult: A look at how information shapes us, and how teachers can use online resources to help a wide variety of learners.
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