Top 50 iPad Apps for e-Learners

One of the great things about the Internet and technology is that it is now possible to attend online universities, and therefore, now possible and more common to obtain an accredited degree from these institutions. As a result, it is little surprise that there are a number educational tools that you can use to help you increase your ability to study remotely. The iPad offers a number of opportunities to enhance online learning.

With the iPad you can study and learn from anywhere. All you need to be able to do is connect to the Internet. So, when you figure out which online university is right for you, you can dive into learning. The iPad offers a number of educational resources, and this list provides 50 great apps for e-learners:


If you want to improve your math skills, these iPad apps are perfect. Learn the basics of math, and get practice.

  1. Mathematical Formulas: This cool app offers you instant access to various math formulas from different disciplines within math. Cost: $0.99
  2. SpaceTime: Awesome graphing app that can help you learn graphing, as well as solve equations. Cost: $19.99
  3. fxIntegrator: Use this iPad app to calculate integrals. Great for engineering students and others. Cost: $0.99
  4. PocketCAS Pro: Helpful algebra system that can help you input formulas and find answers. Cost: $9.99 (although there is a free lite version)
  5. RPN Calculus: Do simple calculations, as well as advanced. A great math calculator. Cost: $0.99
  6. 115-in-1 Math Solver: This app helps with stats, trig, algebra and geometry. Includes formulas and other useful math information and helps. Cost: $1.99


Learn science concepts and quiz yourself on them. Great iPad apps for the budding scientist.

  1. Star Walk: This awesome astronomy app can help you learn about stars and planets. Get facts, and see their positions in the sky. Cost: $4.99
  2. The Elements: A Visual Exploration: Learn about the Periodic Table, and see pictures of different elements. Learn qualities and properties of the various elements. Cost: $13.99
  3. Chemistry Formulas: Get access to different chemistry formulas, as well as the Periodic Table of Elements. Includes constants and chemistry fundamentals as well. Cost: $0.99
  4. Physics Formulas: Get access to different formulas used in physics. Includes wave and optics, nuclear physics, fluid mechanics, magnetism, thermal physics and more. Cost: $0.99
  5. Frog Dissection: Get a look at the insides of a frog, and learn more about how to proper dissect a frog. Cost: $4.99
  6. 3D Sun: Get a look at the sun — in three dimensions. Rotate the sun, and learn more about the star closest to Earth. Cost: Free
  7. HD Human Anatomy Digital Study: Learn about the human body in HD. Cost: $0.99

History and World

Study history with a little help from the iPad. Bone up on your knowledge of what happened in the past.

  1. World History Documents: This app offers interesting documents from world history. Includes audio and video of famous and historically significant speeches. Cost: $2.99
  2. This Day in History: A fun app that updates you with interesting information on what happened on the current date in history. Cost: Free
  3. World Atlas HD: Find different countries, and see different views. Helpful satellite, political and executive views. Also includes the ability for you to locate yourself. Cost: $1.99
  4. World History Atlas: Combines world history with maps of the world, modern and ancient. Interesting way to refer to world history. Cost: $1.99
  5. Revolutionary War Quiz: U.S. History: This great history iPad app will help you learn more about the Revolutionary War. Cost: $0.99
  6. World Customs & Cultures: Learn about world customs and cultures, and learn more about world history with this interesting and helpful app. Cost: Free
  7. Manual for the United States of America: A great look at historical moments in the U.S., including the text of famous documents. Cost: $1.99
  8. Civilization Revolution: Geared toward kids, this fun app covers major events in world civilizations and history. Even if you aren’t a child, though, this can be a fun and interesting way to learn world history. Cost: $6.99

Literature & Languange

Great iPad apps that focus on literature, and the great authors. You can also find apps that can help you learn a new language, or learn more about English.

  1. ElectricLit: Learn more about literature, and enjoy classics like you never thought you would. Video, live readings and more. Literary fiction in the digital age. Cost: Free
  2. Classics: Get access to literary classics using this iPad app. Cost: $2.99
  3. iBooks: Great way to get access to commonly read books in various languages. You can buy more books for your collection. Cost: Free
  4. Pronunciation Pro: Learn more about how to properly pronounce words in 53 different languages.
  5. Hello-Hello Spanish: Spanish lessons, pronunciation and more. Learn to speak Spanish. Cost: $9.99
  6. AIUEO-HIRAGANA: Learn Japanese. Fun way to learn to read and speak Japanese. Cost:$4.99
  7. Byki Mandarin Chinese: Learn how to speak Mandarin Chinese. Helps you learn to read as well.
  8. Latin Study Buddy!: This app helps you learn Latin, which can be useful in literature, as well as in science. Cost: Free

Art and Music

Understand concepts of art and music. Great resources for those interested in more artistic pursuits.

  1. Instruments in Reach Basic: If you are interested in learning a new instrument, you can get help with this iPad app, which helps you learn fingerings and other basics of instruments.
  2. SketchBook Mobile: You can use this to sketch online. Great for students and professional artists. Cost: $2.99
  3. Sight Reading Trainer: Learn how to read sheet music. A great resource for learning music. Cost: $9.99
  4. Brushes: Learn the basics of color and painting with Brushes iPad app. Cost: $4.99
  5. Guitar Lab: Learn how to play guitar with the help of this fun iPad app. Cost: $0.99
  6. Art: Learn about important artists, and see examples of different types of art. Cost: $0.99
  7. Portrait Photography 101: Learn about taking beautiful portraits. Cost: $1.99
  8. Musée de Louvre: Get an awesome tour of the Louvre in Paris, and see some of the greatest artwork available. Cost: Free


Find the information you need quickly and efficiently with these helpful reference apps for the iPad.

  1. Google Translate: Translate different texts and enhance your study. Cost: Free
  2. Dictionary!: Great reference for finding word meanings. Simple and straightforward. Cost: Free
  3. HeLexicon English Dictionary & Thesaurus: Look up words, and find helpful explanations of synonyms. Cost: $0.99
  4. Wikipedia Mobile: Get access to Wikipedia on your iPad. Cost: Free
  5. WorldBook XL: Another great dictionary and thesaurus. Cost: $2.99
  6. WolframAlpha: Offers access to expert knowledge and plenty of answers for your questions.
  7. Eponyms: A great reference for those studying nursing or some other health field, offering medical definitions. Cost: Free

Study Tools

Get help with the way you study. Helpful organizers and other tools to help you improve your learning ability.

  1. Course Notes: You can keep track of notes you make on different subjects from your online classes. You can draw notes, and track them. It is also possible to organize, transfer and export notes. Cost: $4.99
  2. Voice Memos: When something strikes you, you can record that thought instantly. Go back and use for study purposes. Cost: $0.99
  3. Mental Case: Perfect study aid, including ability to download and import flashcards, and browse notes in 3D viewer. Cost: $7.99
  4. iStudiez Pro: Help keep your study schedule straight with this great app. Perfect for organizing your online education. Cost: $2.99
  5. Flash My Brain: This flashcard app for iPad can help you keep track of different points, and help you study concepts you are learning. Cost: $5.99
  6. Evernote: The classic note taking iPad app that helps you record and organize information for further study. Cost: Free
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