Top 10 Education & Teaching Online Universities

Education and teaching degrees open up many career opportunities because of the diversity of subjects that are taught at every level, from primary school all the way through college. Someone with an education degree can serve as a private tutor, a teacher in a public school, or a professor at a private university. Education degrees are highly portable because of the number of non-profit organizations that send teachers abroad to work in the developing world.

Requirements for Earning an Education or Teaching Degree

A student pursuing a degree in education and teaching will need to choose an instruction level to work at. The educational requirements for elementary and high school teachers are different from those of college professors or trainers in a specific, technical field. College professors are typically expected to have a PhD or terminal degree in the field they teach, whereas teachers at lower grade levels usually need some sort of state certification or license. People pursuing degrees in education and teaching must:

  1. Meet all admissions and general education requirements for their chosen institution.
  2. Choose a level of instruction and a focus, which could include:
    • Life Sciences/Biology
    • English/Language Arts
    • History
    • Art
    • Spanish or other language
  3. Complete all education specific instruction and practical work, which will likely include a semester of student teaching alongside a professional teacher to get classroom experience. Most teaching positions will require you to be certified to teach the age group and subject that you are applying to work with.

Education & Teaching Online Universities

The following 10 schools offer the best accredited online education and teaching degree programs. Subjects offered within education include teaching, special education, elementary education, secondary education, higher education, and more.

With its online degrees specifically geared toward working professionals, University of Southern California’s Master’s programs with concentrations in Teaching, Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages, and with Teaching Credentials can all be taken conveniently from home. USC is an accredited, reputable university dedicated to providing academic excellence.

Liberty University offers various MA in teaching and M.Ed degree programs as part of its online curriculum. The MA in teaching degree allows students to follow an elementary, secondary or special education option, while M.Ed students have 11 program focus options, including four program specialist opportunities and five teaching and learning tracks.