Top 10 Health & Counseling Online Universities

A health and counseling-related degree can get you into a career where you work with people to help them improve their mental and physical health, their diet, and their quality of life. Health and counseling workers may work in hospitals, clinics, or private practices, independently, or with physicians, to provide care and advice to clients in diverse demographics.

Requirements for Earning a Health and Counseling Related Degree

Students seeking a degree in the health and counseling fields will need to fulfill all admissions requirements for their chosen institution, which may include prior health work experience or proof of education. Additionally, health and counseling students must:

  1. Complete orientation and general education requirements for their chosen institution.
  2. Choose a major or field of emphasis, such as:
    • Medicine
    • Nursing
    • Dentistry
    • Social Work
    • Health Information Technology
  3. Complete all degree specific instruction and clinical requirements, which will likely include an internship or residency at a medical facility or doctor’s office.

Health & Counseling Online Universities

The following 10 schools offer the best accredited online health and counseling degree programs. Subjects offered within healthcare include counseling, public health, and health administration.